How can I be a successful Postmate?

We believe all Postmates can be successful on the platform. Here are a few tips for delighting customers and maximizing tips. 

Communication is key. 
"Hi, I’m Your Postmate."
Good communication with customers is essential. Staying in touch with the customer lets them know the status of their order, keeps them in the loop, and makes waiting feel like less of an issue. Is their order running late? Send your customer a quick text letting them know. If you had to place an order once you got to a restaurant (sometimes it's good to call ahead!), let them know the approximate wait time.

We recommend introducing yourself and reaching out if:

  • An item is unavailable and a substitution is needed
  • There’s been a delay in the order due to severe traffic or merchant hold-ups
  • You’re having trouble finding the customer at the drop-off

Fast deliveries, happy customers.
Head straight to the pick-up and straight to the drop-off when making deliveries to ensure customers get their items as fast as possible.

  • Don’t forget to click "Start Pick-up" and "Start Drop-off" before navigating to the correct location
  • Hand the items to your customer at their front door if you can
  • Do not confirm the drop-off until you have successfully handed the items to the customer

Become a pick-up pro. 
Picking up at the merchant is one of the most important parts of being a Postmate. We recommend:

  • Calling or texting the customer if an item isn’t available to ask for a substitution
  • Marking items as unavailable if you are unable to contact the customer

Presentation counts. 
Customers don’t like to receive cold food, items that have been damaged in transit, or food that has moved around too much in its box. If you have a hot/cold bag, be sure to use it! There are many other tools you can use to keep food secure and safe, such as a crate.

Manners matter. 
Smiling, saying thank you, and using the customer's name all go a long way. Grabbing napkins and condiments also shows the customer that you were thinking ahead. Remember, bringing hungry people food should make them happy!

Contact Support if needed. 
Click on the "Support" button for any pick-up or drop-off related issues, like if your Postmates Prepaid Card gets denied at the merchant. 

Happy delivering!